Consilient Therapy promotes well-being.  Its therapeutic model is based upon firm, validated neuroscience and includes deep relaxation and hypnosis, mindful awareness and other techniques.

Chris Pearson’s practice has developed over recent years to include therapy for individuals, work with groups and supervision services to professional therapists.  He is well-known for his work with those having misophonia.  As well as being a board member of Misophonia Institute, Chris has presented on misophonia to International Association for Clinical Neuropsychotherapy, more recently, International Association for Applied Neuroscience, as well as Misophonia Research Symposium and APHP.

His group work provides benefits in the work-place and in community-based settings.

Photo of Chris PearsonChris Pearson is a Certified Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner and hypnotherapist based in Consilient Therapy in West Yorkshire in the UK.  He works with clients in his therapy rooms in Yorkshire and worldwide, using VSee.VSee logo